Meet us

AVOGACÍA – GABINETE DE ESTUDOS XURÍDICOS is a law firm organised in the legal form of a Professional Limited Liability Company, made up of lawyers, as well as other professionals – therefore, multidisciplinary – that aims to provide comprehensive consultancy, wherever and whenever required, in the main legal matters.

AVOGACÍA is a company that offers consultancy, assistance and representation to their clients in negotiations, contracts and juridical acts to defend their rights and prevent damages in the future. The firm also provides a legal defence service covering from the previous analysis of the lawsuit to its conclusion before the courts or the Administrative Authorities.

Also AVOGACÍA, as a LAW RESEARCH OFFICE, aims to be a law brainstorming and learning site as well as help the necessary development of our own legal institutions. This office has been established as a meeting place for professionals of all backgrounds and therefore, we collaborate with different institutions as the likes of universities and monitoring centres for human rights.